Covid-19 lead to people starting small businesses

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- When you think about small businesses, your mind probably goes straight to the brick-and-mortar stores. However, the ongoing pandemic has led more people to explore the world of online shopping

Online sales have increased as people are playing it safe to steer clear of Covid-19. Some people shut down because of the spread of the virus. While others used it as an opportunity to begin their business

“I know that when you look good you feel good and that’s the motto for my business,” said Kosha Clark, Owner of Savvy 2911.

You don’t always have to get up and go out, to show for clothes; online vendors are open for business, especially now.

“Savvy is an online boutique I started it last October in the middle of a pandemic we offer women’s clothing we do offer local pickup as well as nationwide shipping,” said Clark.

Clark said the idea of starting a clothing business has always been a passion of hers.

“I have always loved clothes and years ago I was accepted to fashion school but due to unforeseen reasons I wasn’t able to go so I always wanted to own my own boutique I actually used to manage a local boutique here in Starkville as well so I’m not new to the retail industry but I am new to entrepreneurship,” said Clark.

In the midst of the pandemic, she knew that it was her time to take a chance and begin her boutique.

“I was like you know what you need to take a chance. This is something you desire you know that this is something God has said you can do and you need to step out on faith and make it happen and that’s what I did,” said Clark.

Clark says business has been gradually increasing each month.

“Once I get the orders in I pack the orders if it’s for a local pickup the customer is sent a notification letting them know that their order is ready and it’s a time and it’s a location that they’re given to know where to pick their order up from if it’s an order that I have to ship after I pack it I take it to whatever carrier that I choose to ship with,” said Clark.

Starting a business can be extremely challenging, but Clark encourages anyone starting one to just stay the course.

“Everything is not going to be perfect when you start on something, but if you’re consistent and if you know to pay attention to what your customers are saying and to how people are responding you can get better you know as the days go by,” said Clark.

Clark said she has now received several offers to bring Savvy 2911 into a popup shop and plans to be in one within the next month.

For more on Savvy 2911 add the Facebook page @Savvy2912.

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