CPD officer suspended, questioned by West Point Police

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – A Columbus police officer is suspended without pay. He is being questioned at this hour by West Point police.

A Columbus spokesman says the alleged incidents took place while the unidentified officer was off duty.

The mother of the alleged victim reached out to WCBI, telling us the investigation involves illicit pictures, a cell phone, and a minor. Other sources have confirmed her story.

We have been able to confirm the officer’s name but we will not release it unless he is charged with a crime.

CPD is not releasing the officer’s name.

“Since this is a personnel matter, we will not be releasing any details on the charges or the officer involved,” said Chief Shelton. “This is an ongoing criminal investigation that is being conducted completely by the West Point Police Department. The Columbus Police Department is not involved in the investigation but is cooperating fully.”

West Point police have not returned our call for comment.

Columbus councilmen will discuss the issue at their Tuesday night meeting.

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