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CRAWFORD, Miss. (WCBI) – The mayor of a tiny Lowndes County towns went before the board of supervisors today [Monday] and during their regular meeting he asked for help in an effort to improve sewer service for residents there.

With a wish list of what he needs in the amount of 13 thousand dollars to help complete an ongoing sewer improvement project, Crawford Mayor Fred Tolon eagerly approaches county officials.

“Yes the total project, we started out with 800 thousand dollars, but we done got down to the last of the project which we are trying to fit. Do a one hundred one thousand dollar, but we only have 82 thousand to complete it. So we got to come up with the rest in in-kind,” said Fred Tolon, Crawford Mayor.

“My thoughts is if we could get it it’ll be a blessing. And I thank, I thank God for what he is trying to do for us,” said Lowery.

Crawford resident George Lowery who uses a septic tank is welcoming any form of upgrade to an antiquated system.

“Because pipes run on top of the ground. And the waste is not going like it, the waste is not going like its suppose to be going….unsanitary,” said Lowery.

“We’re asking them to build a small driveway which account to something like 40 something yards of clay gravel and 15 yards of wash gravel. And take out some trees, about two trees not a whole lot of trees. To get a pumping station in to get that project on its way,” said Tolon.

And so with a little helping hand from the county, Tolon is hoping to give some residents of Crawford a somewhat better quality of life.

“Pipes coming sometimes, sometimes the pipes come a loose. You have to go make them put it back together for it to work right. Its just not right,” said Lowery.

Supervisors tabled the measure until someone from the county assesses the feasibility of involvement requests on that project.

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