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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)–Graphic artists have been around as long as cave drawings.

Traditional comics have become more expensive and harder to find in the new century.

But printing your own comic has never been easier.

We catch up with Caledonia native and comic creator in tonight’s edition of The Changing Family.

At age 75, Superman is as popular as ever.

Leaping box office records in a single bound.

The movie’s success should give a nice spike to Superman comic sales, but have you shopped for a traditional, new comic book lately?

Mark Largent is a Caledonia native and comic book creator.

He says, “The average price for a standard comic is now $ 2.99.”

Those are grown folks’ prices.

And the average age of comic readers is skewing older, especially in a world with endless entertainment options just a smart phone away, but there is something comics can do, that moving pictures can’t.

Mark explains, “Unlike animation, you control the timing of it. Which allows you to get lost in the artwork or to move at your own pace through it.”

Hey that pirate looks like Bill Gamel!

And fear not true believers, creating your own books has never been easier.

Mark explains, “For very little, or no money, they can get a website and put that art up every day, or every couple of days or once a week, and have their own readers or followers, then they can publish collections. There’s print on demand places, which allows you to print just one book, which was unheard of in the day.”

That kind of access should bring the next generation of artists neatly online.

And if you can’t draw, don’t worry.

Mark explains, “Some of the most popular web comics are stick figure web comics, so if you can’t handle doing the stick figure, that’s about as easy as you can go.”

So if you have something to say, expressing yourself in graphic art has never been easier.

In addition to creating comics, Mark also works in animation. He’s currently working on a parody of the Walking Dead.

It’s called the Wobbling Dead.

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