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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A longtime Starkville business owner throws his hat into the ring.

Dan Moreland officially announced his intention to run for mayor of Starkville Thursday (2/14).

The Republican laid out his vision for the town’s future today, stating his goal in creating a business-friendly climate and promoting job growth.

Moreland will be going up against current Mayor Parker Wiseman and former alderman Mary Lee Beale. The primary election is set for May 7th. The General election is June 4th.


Announcement Speech Full Text

“Starkville has been good to me. I would like the opportunity to put my business experience to work and help Starkville reach its potential. With Mississippi State University being located here, we have an economic gold mine. I want an opportunity to help Starkville grow and expand our tax base by creating a business friendly city. I’m Dan Moreland, I’m running to become your next mayor, and that is why I ask for your vote.”

“I would like to thank every one of you for coming and being a part of the start of this campaign, and I would like to tell you a little about myself. At the age of 17, I joined the National Guard and served for 21 years before retiring with the rank of Master Sergeant. I began my business career as a barber here in Starkville in the Moreland-McGinnis Barber Shop. Since that time I have owned and operated over 18 stores and have met a payroll of over 300 employees. Currently I own Moreland, Inc., a leasing properties business that includes commercial and residential real estate.”

“My public service experience began as a Justice Court Judge in which I served for 15 years. During the Fordice Administration the Governor appointed me to serve on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Board. Currently I serve as Starkville Parks Commission Chairman. During my tenure, along with an excellent board, we were able to build the Starkville Sportsplex using the two percent food and beverage tax that is paid for by Starkville customers. Starkville parks have also been awarded the Playful City USA award as well as other honors. These awards have given us access to additional grants and national recognition.”

“I am running for mayor because Starkville has become one of the most unfriendly business communities in the state. We are riddled with a checklist of regulatory ordinances that assures businesses will not set up shop in Starkville and that checklist is growing under the current administration. The prime example of what has made Starkville an unfriendly business community are the Sidewalks To Nowhere. Requiring a business owner to build a sidewalk before they can sell their first burger is bad policy and business owners just can’t afford it. Now don’t get me wrong, we need a sidewalk ordinance, but we need one with common sense such as sidewalks in new neighborhoods and pedestrian-friendly areas.”

“When elected Mayor, I will start from day one to work to repeal all ordinances that tell business developers “you’re not welcome.” It is time to put out the welcome mat and make Starkville an “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” city again.”

“The same regulations that are making Starkville an unfriendly business community are also making Starkville an unfriendly jobs community. It is not acceptable that we are losing good paying jobs due to the current administration’s aggressive over-regulation.”

“As Mayor, I will be an ambassador for Starkville and will always be recruiting business developers that will bring jobs in a wide range of industry to Starkville.”

“It is time that our city officials start listening to you, its citizens, and become more transparent when conducting city business. For example, a precedent was set to allow the citizens of Starkville to have a voice on the Municipal Complex issue. Just because the current Mayor and the majority of the current Board of Aldermen did not like the result the citizens gave them does not mean they should go around them and finance their own Municipal Complex on the fly.”

“As Mayor I will have an Open Door Policy, any citizen that has a problem or a concern is welcome to come and express those concerns to me at any time. As your elected Mayor, I owe that much to you. When it comes to making the tough decisions that face the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen, those decisions will be made by the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen with input from you, the citizens, and not just left up to a staff member. You have my word on that.”

“I ask for your vote as well as your help. In order for us to get Starkville back on the right track I will need you to help me turn this campaign into a movement. You can do this by putting a yard sign in your yard, a bumper sticker on your car, walking your neighborhood telling fellow neighbors why you support my campaign, and most of all, getting out, and bringing a friend on May7th and June 4th to vote. With your help we will bring about A NEW DIRECTION WITH A BUSINESS APPROACH! THANKYOU!”

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