Dangers driving an ATV


VERNON, Ala. (WCBI)- Summer, the great outdoors, and ATV’s. It’s the perfect combination for some warm weather fun.

“People think its pretty weather hey let’s go out and ride they get big groups together,” said Chief Davy Eaves.

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Those big groups can lead to big disasters.

“They get careless when they get in bigger groups a lot of people tend to drink alcohol when they’re doing it it is illegal to drink alcohol and operate a motor vehicle regardless of what kind it is but is especially dangerous when you’re on an ATV,” said Chief Eaves.

Vernon Police Chief Davy Eaves says his officers start to see more ATV’s out at night and not always where they are supposed to be.

“If you’re going to ride one its illegal to ride them on a public road. A lot of people don’t understand what that does include dirt roads if it’s a road that’s maintained by the county or by the city it’s considered a public road have to stay off of those,” said Chief Eaves.

The department will give people warnings, but if the drivers ignore their warnings, they have impounded four-wheelers.

He says they do it to protect both the ATV and other cars.

“A car can pull out and not see an ATV because it’s a smaller vehicle, so that’s dangerous. ATVs don’t operate real well they don’t turn quickly it’s hard to avoid an accident if ones coming,” said Chief Eaves.

Another problem law enforcement deal with is people driving on private property.

Chief Eaves says it’s not the biggest issue in Vernon, but they do have their own struggles.

“One of the main things is riding in the neighborhoods you know we have being in Vernon, in town we have a lot that ride up and down the roads if someones riding outside of your house at midnight on an ATV it may not be on your property but it still just as frustrating for that person,” said Chief Eaves.

Chief Eaves recommends people try out designated ATV tracks and trails.