Video: Day in the Life at the Scrap Yard

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COLUMBUS, Miss. – (WCBI)An increase in the value of metals has prompted more and more people to begin recycling coke cans and tattered wiring. Serving both businesses and individuals, Columbus Scrap Materials is the place to go to turn your trash into cash.

Theo Pearson knows his way around a scrap yard, probably because he has worked there for two decades. It’s his job to weigh, organize and identify several different types of metals, including aluminum, copper and iron.

Theo says the most essential tool for his job is a magnet.

When it comes to processing aluminum cans, Theo says organization is key. After the cans have been sorted, we went to weigh in the goods. The cans are sent into a holding bin where they are later baled and stored.

Recycling your collection of cans or scrap metals can not only earn you a little extra money each month, it keeps the scrapyard a busy place. For Theo Pearson, this is just one more day in the life.

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