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A Day In The Life with Michelle Lowe, Thursdays during WCBI News at 10COLUMBUS, Miss. – (WCBI)Last week, we learned the science behind the doughnuts.

Turns out, the glaze requires an exact mixture as well.

The doughnuts fried to golden perfection at 360 degrees for 110 seconds, Krispy Kreme King Billy Dorgan Jr., is ready to whip up some glaze.

There are several steps in developing the sweet confection. We began with stabilizer and water, before adding the 15lbs. of granulated sugar. After several rolling boils, the syrup needs powder sugar, 25 lbs of it.

The vat of glaze has been replenished, and the doughnuts are coated. Time to switch on the HOT NOW SIGN!

For Billy Dorgan Jr., continuing the doughnut dynasty in the Golden Triangle and beyond is just one more day in the life.

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