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SMITHVILLE, Miss. – (WCBI)Holiday season is closing in on us all. Time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. If you want to get a loved one something that will stand the test of time, I may just have the answer.

When it comes to furniture, Mark Perrot and Bryon Coker believe every piece should be custom made and built to last. After opening in 2012, they’ve expanded their lines to include everything from benches to dining room tables. Mark had already began working on a kitchen table. I joined him to learn more about the wood work.

Mark explained that with a table of this size, extra bracing and strong wood is required. They mostly work with eastern pine, that is not only structurally interesting, but is also cost effective. After the customer has picked out the design, the table is then constructed. This particular pieces was made up of 13 boards, connected together with more than 100 biscuit joints. This creates a piece that is so strong, it can not be broken apart.That’s the point, Mark and Byron want to build pieces that can be passed down through the generations. Routers can be used to create signatures on the chairs, tables and benches.

Once Mark has complete the construction of a piece of furniture, it is up to him to prepare the wood to be stained. Using a sander, including his hand, he can created a smooth surface for staining.

That is where Byron Coker steps in. With a steady hand, a mix of  EPA approved products, and good old fashioned oxygen, Byron can coat any wood product with even layers of lacquer. It’s a several step process, where a layer of stain is applied. Then, the wood must be sanded again, before  a second coat is applied.  They then repeat this step, allow it to dry, and it is ready for delivery.

With two sets of hands, two creative minds, and a shared interest in custom furniture, Mark and Byron have made Mississippi Farm Tables a success. Making this just one more day in the life.

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