Dead dry drought: How to protect your yard

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – “It is tough on our guys here. We run 25 to 30 guys, and they take a beating because of the weather,” said Will Spann, Owner of S&S Landscaping and Nursery.

It is a problem that many homeowners and landscape businesses, find themselves dealing with every summer. After weeks of dryness and high temperatures, one landscaping business is having to work harder than usual because of brown lawns.

“We have had several times when we had to bring an excavator in to dig holes because the ground has been so hard. Sometimes when we are putting in irrigation lines, our trencher has to work even harder to get the ground the way it is, especially depending on which part of the county you are working in, and it depends on different types of soil,” said Spann.

“We have to raise the deck on our mowers a little bit, we will not cut on the same heights that we were cutting on in March and in Apil. If you have an irrigation system, you should bump up your times on your zones and see how long they are watering,” said Spann.

Taking a few extra minutes to make sure your plants and grass are staying hydrated is the difference between green and brown grass. Owner of S&S Landscaping and Nursery Will Spann says irrigation systems play a huge part in keeping your yard from dying when temperatures are high.

“It is just important to make sure the sprinklers are giving the right amount of water because another thing is that a plant can get too much water, and the plant could get drowned out. So, it is just important to look at water and times, and how your system is setup,” said Spann.

The coverage of your sprinklers plays a big part in keeping your yard hydrated. So, if you do own sprinklers, you should make sure that water reaches all dry surfaces.

“If your heads are not covering all of your turf areas or the head is not shooting at the right distance, to cover those areas,” said Spann.

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