Death investigation of Houston teenager continues

CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – There are new details about the death of Denasia McGregory.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott said there are more clues about the man detained in the investigation and how McGregory may have been killed.

“This is another shooting victim. In this case, right here we are dealing with a 16-year-old whose life was just starting to begin,” said Scott.

Fast… that’s how Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott describes how the homicide investigation of 16-year-old Denasia McGregory is moving.

“The initial cause we got was a couple of nights ago that potentially our person of interest was from Clay County which we verified at a later date that it was. The initial question has been being where exactly did this occur so right now there have been boots on the ground from Clay and Chickasaw County trying to find the actual scene of the crime,” said Scott.

19-year-old Labrandon Tumblin is in custody and being questioned by law enforcement.

McGregory is from Houston. She was found early Tuesday morning in the trunk of a car at a Tupelo daycare.

Investigators know there’s a connection between Clay and Chickasaw Counties, along with Tupelo, which covers a lot of ground.

“Everybody is working like it is their own case because nobody knows the actual jurisdiction that it would be once we solve the crime,” said Scott.

Sources said some of McGregory’s belongings were found outside of Tupelo. So, they know evidence could be found across three counties.

“Right now we are just focusing on getting a timeline of the events that happened that day that lead up to the homicide of this young lady.. so it takes a little time to get this done,” said Scott.

Scott also knows people in the communities impacted can help.

“We’ve had so much going on with this violence with guns and again this is another example of it. We are asking the public please if you know anything about this case or any case out there contact the local agency in your jurisdiction,” said Scott.

Labrandon Tublim was indicted by a Chickasaw County Grandy Jury in September on a charge of robbery with a weapon.

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