Delivery drivers use safety measures when dropping off goods

STARKVILLE, Miss (WCBI) – In the middle of this global pandemic, food delivery options have become popular choices on the menu.

As business starts picking up, drivers are taking precautionary measures when dropping of the goods.

John Bass is the CEO and founder of Lazy Guys, a delivery service that makes food and personal deliveries all throughout Columbus and Starkville.

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, Bass said he’s seen an increased need in their service.

“I think people just aren’t comfortable getting out right now, and delivery is one of the safest options,” said Bass.

As drivers begin their routes some of the ways they’re making deliveries safer is by wearing face masks, gloves, and carrying hand sanitizer.

“Most of our drivers are very cognizant and understand that we need to do everything we can to make customers feel comfortable with using this service,” said Bass.

Another safety service being offered is “No Contact Delivery.”

If requested, the driver will leave the delivery on the front steps, knock at the door to alert customers the goods are being dropped off, then they leave, avoiding any potential contact.

“As soon as our driver gets started on the order, they’ll generally reach out to the customer and let them know, hey, this is so and so, I’ll be taking care of you,” Bass explained. “The customer can let them know then, hey I prefer “No Contact Delivery.” Then they can either pay over the phone with their card, they can leave cash out, or we can take electronic payment.”

During these uncertain times, Bass said he knew they had to quickly implement these new measures to keep everyone safe while still providing quality services.

“We saw that there was going to be a need for our service with restaurants having to go to take out only, and we knew that we were going to have to make adjustments to keep customers feeling comfortable,” the CEO expressed. “Nothing is easy right now, but it was kind of a no brainer what we needed to do.”

Although delivery options are convenient for most, Bass said this option is not being provided voluntarily, which is why customers should not be surprised to see a delivery fee.

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