Deputy Dylan Pickle Remembered As ‘The Best Of Us’


MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Deputy Dylan Pickle made a huge impression on many people.

“Dylan Pickle was the best of us, you can go your entire life, may only meet one or two people that every single person who meets that person likes, that was Dylan,” said Oktibbeha County Deputy Drew Jones.

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Jones was in the same National Guard Unit as Dylan.

Both were selected for a 20 man personal security detail in Syria because of their experience with law enforcement agencies. Jones remembers his friend as a tireless soldier.

“Some days we ran missions 7 days a week, somedays every other day, normal people, get tired and worn out and maybe complain. Dylan never complained, he was never one to shy away from hard work,” said Jones.

After returning from the Middle East, Dylan used GI Bill money to put himself through the police academy in Moorhead. The two men stayed in touch and Jones tried to get him to apply in Oktibbeha County.

“I may have begged him to apply, we had an opening at the same time he was at the academy, I even told him, don’t know if my wife knew, he could live with us until we found him a place to stay, he said he’s from Monroe County, this is his home and this is where he always wanted to work,” said Jones.

Lieutenant David Mitchell also saw that commitment to Dylan’s community. Mitchell is called ‘Dad’ by those on Shift A at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, that was Dylan’s shift.

Mitchell remembers the 24-year-old new deputy always preparing for the chance to go out on patrol and was prepared for his new assignment.

“When he was working court and doing transport when they didn’t have any of those duties to do, he would work patrol.  Even on our night shift, he wasn’t paid or anything, he would call and say, ‘hey, can I come out and work with you tonight,” said Lt. Mitchell.

Mitchell says Shift A is like a family. It’s that family spirit he remembers in his last conversation with Dylan.

“Every Saturday night, our shift has a pre-shift meal. We usually meet 30 minutes before, this night, he was a few minutes late, I was picking on him about being late, he sat down, ordered fish and I made the comment, ‘the fish will be swimming after a while, he said, it’s ok, you will let me go home boss man, I wish I could go back to that time, I put my arm around him and said, no, not letting you go home, I wish I could put my arm around him one more time,” said Mitchell.

Dylan’s friends say they are overwhelmed at the show of support from the entire community.