Video: DNA Samples Taken From People Arrested For Violent Crimes

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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Beginning October 1st, people arrested for violent crimes will have their DNA collected.

Kits are at jails across the state.

When the person is arrested the sample is taken. It is then sent to the state crime lab to be entered into a data base.

DNA is taken from people who are charged with violent crimes, this includes murder, aggravated assault, sexual crimes and burglary.

Lowndes County detention center have been trained and certified.

Sheriff’s office detectives can also take the DNA samples.

“Once we make an arrest, we’ll collect our own sample as part of our processing procedure. All the other agencies that make arrests in the area, the way the law is written is it will fall on the detention staff to collect those,” explains Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Capt. Ryan Rickert.

Law enforcement say the goal of the DNA database is to help solve cold case crimes.

Lawmakers passed this legislation during the last session.

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