Doctors now say that parents should treat COVID as if it were a cold when treating their child

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – 12-year-old Chapman Hill was supposed to be at the National Championship Game Monday night cheering for his favorite team, Alabama. Instead, he was home recovering from COVID.

“He has a stomachache and headache and low-grade fever so we treated it with Ibuprofen Thursday night,” said Hill

His mother Julie Hill says when his symptoms persisted they decided to have Chapman tested for COVID. The test came back positive.
He was sluggish and just had the headache and wanted to rest but since then since last Friday he’s been fine. Of course, he’s quarantined and can’t get out and do anything but you know he’s gotten out in the yard and played some and he feels ok now.

West Point pediatrician Dr. Keith Watson says COVID symptoms in children typically mimic cold symptoms: fatigue, runny nose, cough, and congestion.

He says as long as the child does not appear to need emergency care, just allow the virus to run its course.

“Whether it’s delta virus or omicron or whatever the next strain is treatment is typical for all viral illnesses there’s no magic medicine to get them well. They’re going to get well in time and the treatment is symptoms and watch for things that might mean their child is getting worse.”

Beyond the at-home care, Watson advises keeping your child isolated for the recommended time.

Typically I’ve seen cases last up to 3 to 4 days up to about a week. Kids who have had I guess more severe symptoms have more flu-like symptoms have lasted up to a week so somewhere in the neighborhood close to five and seven days is typical,” says Watson.

Hill says Chapman is feeling fine, but she’s glad they took the COVID test.

“Well, when he told us about the stomachache and the headache I initially thought possibly strep throat. I know that fever has been one of the symptoms in children so we just watched him Thursday night and we just watch him Friday we decided to get him tested,” said Hill.

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