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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Students are finishing up their school year with exams this week and soon some will be getting ready to move back home. Starkville sees a huge amount of unwanted furniture on the side of the road after each semester. We take a look at what happens to the furniture in a college town. With graduation just around the corner, many college students are gearing up for moving day. As they try to minimize their load a lot of unwanted furniture ends up on the curb.

“When you have a large number of students that are moving out of rental units you’re going to see more rubbish piled up at curbside. This is a transition time for us and this is something that happens every year so the rubbish division of our sanitation environmental services department is prepared to step up activities this time of the year,” says Mayor Wiseman.

In some cases, people stop and pickup furniture that students have placed on the side of the road, but if that doesn’t happen; then it becomes trash. Once the unwanted furniture is picked up by the city it is the brought to a local landfill where it is disposed of properly, but Mike Montgomery, the manager of Palmer Home City Thrift store says donating your furniture may be a better option.

“Sofas, love seats, some tables is what they’re looking for. We love to take them, we love the donations if they’re in good condition. Everything we take is for the benefit of our children at Palmer Home everything we do one hundred percent profit from the stores goes straight to the children,” says Mike Montgomery.

Even though the student population is increasing in Starkville, Montgomery says the amount of donations are lower this year compared to this time last year.

“The economy. I think people may be holding onto their stuff a little longer. We’ve received some this year it’s not as nearly as much so it’s slowed down considerably from the donation. I believe from students we’re not seeing that much donated furniture and things even across the board,” says Montgomery.

So, that’s one last lesson for students as they leave college. Your trash could be someone else’s treasure. If you are not able to get your furniture to the Palmer Home Thrift store, you can call and schedule an appointment for them to come pick it up.

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