Downtown Nettleton working to improve its historic district


NETTLETON, MISS. (WCBI) – One of the newest members of the Mississippi Main Street Association is working hard to improve its historic district.

As a kid, Brandon Presley remembers getting his hair cut at Hinson’s Barbershop.

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“One of the things I remember from my childhood was, two men, got in a brawl over politics, in the barbershop, they played dominoes, had political fights and everything else,” said Presley.

Now, he’s looking to buy the long-abandoned building. Presley’s vision to renovate and repair the iconic building fits in with a bigger plan. The town, now apart of the Mississippi Main Street Association recently held meetings with a resource team from MMSA to help develop a strategy for Nettleton’s downtown revitalization.

“This building is one of those, there are other renovations and buildings, work going on by others in town, to really save the buildings, put them back into use and bring back that vibrant spirit, downtown,” said Presley.

Presley says being part of the Main Street Association is more than just about downtown revitalization, he says it also helps bring the community together for a common goal.

“What it’s also sparked is also a great push for volunteerism, we have had so many people reach out and join the Main Street group, to be a part of the meetings, to really pull our community together, it’s not just about a building, more about building that spirit within the city,” said Presley.

Presley believes Mississippi Main Street Association will help Nettleton preserve its past while planning for future growth.

Presley doesn’t have any specific plans for the old Hinson Barber Shop. After the sale is complete, he will start on much-needed repair work on the building.