Dr. Dobbs addresses the controversy and truth behind covid-related deaths

JACKSON, MISS. (WCBI) – A recent study from the CDC goes viral this past weekend and causes many to speculate the truth behind covid-related deaths.

The new numbers have lead many people to believe that only 6 percent of Coronavirus deaths have been caused solely by the virus and no other contributing factors.

Some doctors say that’s not the case.

In today’s press conference with Governor Tate Reeves, State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs addressed the controversy.

He says COVID-19 is an organ killer.

It attacks the body and causes organs to shut down, meaning there’s always more than one thing that causes a coronavirus death and never just the virus alone.

“Acute respiratory failure, secondary to COVID-19 and pneumonia, that’s a COVID death. COVID caused respiratory failure and pneumonia… Heart disease with COVID-19 and mild cardio infarction, was not counted as a COVID death. Cardio pulmonary disease, heart disease, diabetes with contributing factor of COVID, not counted as a COVID related death.”

Dobbs went on to say the online conversations regarding COVID deaths and the 6 percent are, in his opinion, misleading and not based on reality.

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