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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Raising children can be a challenge for any parent, especially for parents living with a disability.

Tiffany Hamlin was nervous and excited when she found out she was expecting. It wasn’t her parenting skills she was questioning but whether or not her child would be able to adapt to her disability.

“She has really just adapted to me and said you know this is mommy this is the only thing I know and she has just blossomed as you can hear her running around,” says Tiffany Hamlin.

Kiarra may only be 19 months old, but Tiffany says she can always tell the stay-at-home mom needs an extra hand.

“She will help me come in the door. I have to put her down first so sometimes I’ll have things in my lap and I’ll go to sit them down on the floor and she actually will reach and pick them back up and try to hand them back to me. I can get them, but she tends to think hey you know help mommy out,” says Hamlin.

“Getting him in and out of his chair. I usually help him with that,” says Will Prisock.

Will Prisock, a senior at Starkville Academy, says it’s normal to him to have a father with a disability.

“From a little age I’ve never really looked as the wheelchair is anything different. He has always been my dad. He has always been the guy there always at any kind of sporting event,” says Prisock.

Dr. Donnie Prisock remembers the day his wife told him the exciting news.

“She showed me the EPT test. I liked to fell out. It was the happiest day of my life,” says Donnie Prisock.

Living with Cerebral Palsey all his life, Dr. Prisock knew parenting would have its challenges.

He considers himself a very lucky man.

“God has been great to me. He gave me a wonderful wife, a wonderful son, a great job. God is great. Thank you, God,” says Prisock.

These disabled parents are proving you don’t have to let circumstances out of your control, stand in the way of being a good role model.

Hamlin and Prisock advise other disables parents to talk with their doctors and other people in similar situations to help get a better understanding of the challenges they will face.

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