Early-week rain chances make way for sunshine later

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: Chances for scattered thunderstorms early next week make way for clear skies near the end. A cold front Friday will knock highs into the upper 70s which will recover into the upper 80s by Sunday thanks to plentiful sunshine.

MONDAY: Afternoon highs max out in the low 80s with yet another chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Rain should mostly be an evening affair as lows dip into the upper 60s.

TUESDAY: Like Monday, Tuesday promises more chances for some rain in the forecast. Any storms will be scattered in nature and little in the way of severe weather is expected. Highs reach into the low 80s while lows sit in the upper 60s once again.
REST OF THE WEEK: Temperatures will remain stagnant in the low to mid 80s until a cold front drops highs down into the 70s Friday. A quick recovery thanks to rapid solar heating will have afternoon temperatures close to 90 by Sunday. Lows take a bit of a hit too, dropping into the mid 50s Friday night before recovering into the low 60s by Saturday night. Rain chances will remain an early-week event with the greatest chance for more widespread storms on Thursday.

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