Educators partner with city officials for head start awareness month

CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s never too early to start learning. While much of the emphasis is on K-12 education, it’s important to remember that children’s minds start developing before they reach kindergarten.

October is the month for Head Start Awareness, and a time to focus on early childhood development.

Head start can play a vital role in a child’s development. It helps young minds build the foundation for future success.

Most days educators and staff at McIntosh Head Start are helping students build up their verbal, sensory, and social skills.

“They’re at a period where their mind is blooming and they have light bulbs in their heads and kids get to learn and participate in different skills. We get to partner with the families and families come in and they talk to the kids and they teach curriculum with the kids, it’s exciting for the kids,” said teacher assistant Dora Georgia.

But on Tuesday, they got to meet some special neighbors.

It’s part of Head Start Awareness Month, which promotes learning and, in this lesson, community engagement.

Center Administrator Deborah Grace said this week her students are getting the chance to meet some of the people who serve and protect their hometowns.

“They need to know who to contact and who comes when they’re in need and when the house is on fire, who comes when there’s a burglar in the neighborhood, they need to know that,” said Grace. ” They need to know who is important in the community, and I have someone that’s going to protect me.”

Houston Fire Chief Jonathan Blankenship said it’s important all children know the duties of first responders.

“A lot of times kids tend to get scared of us after we put all that fire gear on and the mask and we don’t want them to be afraid of us so we want to show them what it’s like putting our fire clothes on and just remembering it’s still one of us inside the gear,” said Blankenship.

Earlier this month, Grace said the students met Houston city leaders.

“We got with our city councilman, we got with our teachers in the community, the mayor and just different ones that came to talk with the children. I’m hoping they go away with an experience they’ll never forget,” said Grace.

Grace said there are currently over 80 children who attend McIntosh Head Start in Chickasaw County.

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