Egg prices are cracking nearly four dollars at some stores

Although prices have risen, shoppers are still buying

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- People may be paying a little more for those Easter eggs this year, and it seems to be a supply and demand problem.

Sunflower store manager John Kemp has dealt with shortages and price increases throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic. Kemp said the price of eggs is up nearly 40%, meaning customers will be paying about two dollars more.

“Egg prices are kind of like meat and other stuff it just kind of fluctuates but it usually fluctuates up and it’ll go back down,” said Kemp.

Although prices have risen, shoppers are still buying.

“I still use them every week especially when I’m baking so if I need them i get them,” said customer Delois Rice.

“People are actually buying more because they think they’re getting ahead of the curve they buy a few now and they’ll be a little bit cheaper and you see some people buying the bigger packs of them,” said Kemp.

The bird flu is a big reason why prices have surged in the past month. Sick chickens, or not enough chickens producing eggs slows the process of getting them on the shelves.

However Kemp said this Easter he and his team have ordered what they need when it comes to eggs.

“We’re just having to really watch how we order them or what not, normally for Easter we’d be wide open ordering you know a lot more of them but right now we’re just kind of find a delicate balance and just order what we need,” said Kemp.

Kemp encouraged people to buy eggs now as the price is expected to increase as weeks progress.

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