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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – There was a packed house at the Starkville School Board meeting on Tuesday Night. The Starkville School District and Emerson still plan to apply for matching funds to expand the district’s pre-k program.

As for the infant and toddler child care, some parents might just have to start looking elsewhere. School Board members have decided to freeze infant enrollment in the program and the decision has been held until there can be further review of the budget and grants.

“We are not terribly excited about the changes just because we’ve been really really happy with the care that our daughter has received at Emerson,” said parent Leah Rodgers.

“I’m hoping that is not a permanent freeze, I’m hoping they can find some other solutions,” said parent James Rodgers.

“The unique thing about Emerson that’s different than so many other places not just in Starkville but all over is the diversity in there and that was one of the reasons my wife and I wanted our daughter to be there. And I hope that that’s not taken away from us,” added parent Houston Franks.
Emerson would continue to provide services to all children and families currently enrolled at the school. But the freeze would effect future children and parents on the waiting list.

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