Eupora opted in to the state’s medical marijuana program just in time

The Eupora board of alderman approved the move on a 3 - 2 vote

EUPORA, Miss (WCBI)- Cities across Mississippi are deciding if and how they will participate in the state’s medical marijuana program.

Some have opted out, but others, like Eupora, are joining in.

Mayor Blake McMullan has been in office less than a year, but he has played a big role in bringing new life to the small town of Eupora.

McMullan felt that medicinal marijuana will bring more traffic through town and help those in and around their area.

“This is a very big defining moment for the city of Eupora all of our communities around us including Webster County which puts us in a very good place business wise,” said city economic development team Janet Cook.

Cook and Mayor Blake McMullan knew opting in would be the best decision for the city as a whole.

“What it came down to was for us to help the people get medical treatment and also giving the town an opportunity for people to come in and invest in jobs and hopefully grow our tax revenue. We just passed alcohol sales maybe 18 months ago and from looking at our monthly tax revenue we can tell it has added 4,000 or 4,500 every month and so we’re pulling people in from 30 miles away,” said McMullan.

The Eupora board of alderman approved the move on a 3 – 2 vote.

“We’re looking at putting together a business plan or strategy and then we’ll work with the mayor and then present it to the board of alderman,” said Cook.

The mayor said they’ve briefly looked at potential locations for dispensaries. Cook said what it boils down to is the program is designed to help people, not harm communities.

“This medical cannabis program is for patients, qualified patients who are under the state run cannabis program to where they’re going to be able to get relief,” said Cook.

Tuesday May 3, 2022 was the last day for city leaders to opt out of the medical marijuana program.

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