Facebook User Has Some Tips After Her Popular Blog Site Is Hacked

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – A woman who runs a popular blog site about all things Tupelo has a word of warning for Facebook users.

Lauren McElwain started the “Tupelo Bloggers” Facebook site about a year ago. The popular site covers news and events in the Tupelo area. But about two weeks ago, McElwain realized Tupelo Bloggers, along with a couple of food related blogs, and her personal Facebook page, had been stolen.

She discovered her pages were taken over by Mohammad Alzarzour, who claims to be from Saudi Arabia.

Lauren worked for several days to get control of her pages, and finally, through a friend who had contacts at Facebook, was able to find a solution.

“And I realize it’s a first world problem, I know there are situations in the world that are much worse than losing your Facebook account, but at the same time I just don’t want somebody out there acting like they’re me, it’s a terrible feeling, and to know that somebody has control of your photos of your family, that’s just not cool,” McElwain said.

Lauren encourages Facebook users to back up all of their photos, and use the security and login features. From now on she will be posting on “The Real Tupelo Bloggers,LLC” for area related events.


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