Failure Of Education Funding Bill Good News For CMSD

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The Columbus Municipal School Board President is pleased proposed legislation to change education funding failed to pass in the state senate.

House Bill 957 would have established a standard funding rate of $4,800 per student based on Average Daily Membership, rather than attendance.

According to Columbus Municipal School Board President Jason Spears, if the legislation passed, the district would have lost $57 per student.

“There should be more dialog between the school districts and kind of what are our needs and how it’s being transformed as to how we could work with legislators a bit more to find something that’s a little bit better on all levels for what they need to do and what limited resources they have but also what needs we have on the local level,” said Spears.

The School Board President adds he hopes future education mandates from the state will be accompanied by additional funding to be passed on to teachers and faculty.

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