Faith Food Pantry gives back

NETTLETON, Miss.- (WCBI) The Coronavirus crisis is prompting area food banks to extend a helping hand.

In Nettleton the local Food Pantry there gave out food to families in need.

Empty shelves in grocery stores are leaving many families without proper nutrients.

The Faith Food Pantry is giving away over 50,000 lbs. of food. T

They are making sure families stay ready during these trying times.

Executive Director of the Pantry Jim Long said that they give food to many families.

“We’re giving food to people, we’ll probably give out food to close to 800 families,” Long said.

For some families, the virus has hit them hard financially and Long said that is where the pantry comes in to help.

“We give out every month, every third Saturday of every month, and it’s always important, but it’s particularly important now because a lot of people have lost their jobs. We’re getting a lot of people who were doing fine last wee now they don’t have a job they don’t have food so we’re able to give them food,” Long said.

Long said that even though some of their regular volunteers couldn’t show, they still had a great turnout.

“It’s great a lot of our regulars weren’t able to come to a lot of the old and have health problems or they have spousal health problems so they weren’t able to come and people just turned out,” Long said.

Long also said they had over a hundred volunteers show up.

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