Families Belong Together Rally Takes Over Tupelo


TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- Protestors around the country are calling on the Trump Administration to reunite parents and children separated under the President’s “Zero Tolerance” policy.

The “Families Belong Together day of action” events are taking place nationwide, including in our area.

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“Today our group wanted to sponsor an action in conjunction with the national families to belong together rally day march call to action. We want to go on record and say it is unacceptable to have this zero-tolerance policy that is it in effect our border. It is inhumane, and we are concerned about the safety of these children,” said Mary Jane Meadows.

These protestors say President Trump’s June 20th executive order that stops family separation doesn’t go far enough.

“Even if there was an executive order and them a court order to reunite the families there’s not a clear reunification plan, and we still have work to do so we’re trying to make a visual statement and an audible statement that this is an issue that we care about all over the US,” said Hannah Maharry.

Most people attending the rally were against the separation of children from their parents.

“This immigration policy hits home for me I’m an immigrant myself. So, I feel compelled to do something on the way to do it is to protest,” said Karin Lee.

“If we just stand by and don’t do anything and nobody ever said anything. That’s called tacit agreement right. So we agree with what, no we don’t agree, so that’s what we’re showing. We don’t agree with what, we don’t agree with what happening, and we would like to see somebody do something about it,” said Donna Stall.

Maharrey says these demonstrations give a voice to everyone- no matter what side of the issue you support.

“That is our right to protest. We don’t have to be quiet on issues that we care about whether you’re for or against an issue. You don’t have to be quiet about it. I’m all for it if you have an issue or statement just do it respectfully and in a respectful way and if I respect your opinion you respect my opinion, and we can meet in the middle and try to understand each other,” said Maharrey.

Maharrey says that if you want to have your voice heard you can contact your local officials, join protests, and go vote.