Family of Columbus man killed in Alabama reminiscences on the good times they once shared

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — The family of 45-year-old Michael Jones continues to mourn his loss.

This past Friday, the Columbus man was found dead inside a house in Bessemer, Alabama.

Jones’ family said losing him has been heartbreaking, but reminiscing on the good times they once shared, has helped ease some of the pain.

“He was just one of those people that you would probably meet once in a lifetime,” said Jones’ sister Latasha Jones Swoope.

“If you met him, you like him, if you liked him, you loved him,” said Jones’ father Lester Jones.

Jones got off his shift at work last Wednesday around 6 o’clock in the morning but never made it home.

“His wife called me looking for him,” said Lester. “I think I called Tasha. Then I called his brothers and sisters out of state and they started getting together. We were wondering where he was at. It was completely out of character for him not to come home like that unless they knew where he was at.”

Michael was scheduled to return to work that same evening at six. Again, he didn’t show up.

Two days later, they got the news they never expected. Police in Bessemer, Alabama called to tell the family, Jones had been found shot to death in an abandoned home.

“When we found out that he passed, I think it shook the world,” said Latasha.

Latasha Swoope remembers Michael not only as a loving brother but also as a devoted husband and father.

“Mike was the best of us. He was a better sibling, he was a nice sibling you know he was just special he was different,” she said.

Keisha Jones, sister of Michael, released the following statement:

“My brother, Micheal Jones, was the embodiment of love…  Everything Mike did and said was out of love.  He was gentle, humble, and selfless.  When I saw Mike I could not do anything but smile from ear to ear because that’s who he was to me— my joy, my peace.  He was a gentle soul and a hard worker.  He loved his family.  He was GOD fearing.  My heart is broken, my life is forever changed.  I am sickened by this and I will never get over it.  I am numb and shattered.  Mike would forgive whoever did this to him, that’s who he was— he was love.  Mike is carved in my heart and he left the epitome of what a man should be instilled in me.  Mike was a man of great character, faith, and integrity.  I love you big brother.”

As for the investigation into his death, no arrests have been made.


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