Family of motorcycle crash victim speaks about importance of road safety

"If you don't slow down it's going to cost you your life or someone else"

ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) – This is an update to a story we brought to you last week. 71-year-old Robert Von Morgan Jr. died after his motorcycle collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Highway 45 and South Meridian Street in Aberdeen.

His son, Chris Morgan, said his dad wasn’t a rookie when it came to motorcycles.

“Since he was 14 years old, he built his own motorcycle when he was 16 years old which was a Triumph. Talked about it all the time. Wish he still had it. He rode all his life,” Chris Morgan said.

Chris Morgan said he and his sibling grew up around bikes their whole lives and were taught to be careful when they saw them on the road.

Since his father died doing one of the things he loved, Chris Morgan was looking to remind other drivers to be cautious, especially around motorcycles.

“If you don’t slow down it’s going to cost you your life or someone else,” Chris Morgan said.

Since the accident, Robert Morgan Jr.’s family has been asking for changes at that intersection in Aberdeen.

“The time that it goes green, yellow to red. When it hits red on the opposite side it instantly goes green. I think they should put turning lanes in Aberdeen not only for motorcycle safety but for vehicle safety because that would put that there where everyone has to stop and there would be a turn signal there for everyone to go,” Chris Morgan said.

Chris Morgan said while he was not able to bring his dad back, he was looking to be a voice for other motorcyclists.

“I’m in the process now of getting his motorcycle back and rebuilding it because I want to ride for him. It doesn’t scare me at all because I believe when it’s your number it’s your number. I just want people to pay more attention to motorcycles on the road. Cars yeah you are bigger but you aren’t the only ones on the road. Other people’s families. Dad, brothers, sons, you know be cautious,” Morgan said.

Chris Morgan was working on raising funds to rebuild the motorcycle involved in the crash.

Aberdeen police are still investigating the accident.

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