Family of patients at Houston nursing home allege seniors suffer from neglect and abuse

A group of about 15 people gathered outside the Floy Dyer Manor Nursing Home in Houston Thursday to speak out against alleged neglect and abuse that they claim their loved ones have suffered during their stay.

“I’ve got patients in there that have gone down so far that they’ll never get that back,” says former Floy Dyer nurse Linda Ford.

Members of the community have gone so far as to say that the nursing home is undergoing a crisis.

Sisters Brenda Crow and Rhonda Hood say their father claims he was pinched by a staff member of the nursing home.

“It’s unreal what these people have done to other residents and gotten away with,” Hood says.

“It has to stop,” Crow added.

The sisters say they have also found multiple untreated bruises going up and down their father’s body.

“The bruises on his left hip down the backside of his left leg, it looked like someone just slung him over in a wheelchair,” Hood says.

Hood, Crow and several others also claim patients are not being fed properly.

“He had done went down from almost 200 pounds to 153 pounds,” Hood says. “They are not feeding these people. They are starving them.”

Thursday, Hood and Crow showed up outside Floy Dyer with other concerned family of patients to protest. Judy Cook says her 76-year-old wheelchair-bound mother has had three major falls since May.

“She was dropped or was not restrained well and fell and broke her femur,” Cook says.

In a statement to WCBI, Floy Dyer Administrator Luke Rhinewalt says they “understand the daily frustration” of patients and their family members and that Floy Dyer always look to uphold the “highest standard of care for their patients.”

Rhinewalt says they are in the process of an on-going facility investigation but could not comment further on any of the recent accusations.

“I’m not able to comment on that ongoing investigation,” he said.

Several members of the group have pointed the finger at Rhinewalt over the alleged worsening conditions.

“Get somebody in here that will take care of our loved ones,” Hood says. “That’s all we want.”

Rhinewalt told WCBI he planned on making a public statement to the group of demonstrators but the event ended without Rhinewalt making an appearance.

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