Fans Will See More at SEC Football Stadiums in 2012


BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WCBI/SEC) — When fans attend football games at Southeastern Conference stadiums this season, they will witness more game action on stadium video boards, including replays of officiating reviews.

Starting with games this weekend, institutions are not limited in the use of replays except when a stoppage occurs for an official review. The time during which replays may be shown is from the end of a play until the beginning of the next play, except when a stoppage occurs for an official review.

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During official reviews, stadium video boards will be able to show replays from the television network that is broadcasting the game. During an official review, the video feed from the television network will be shown on the stadium video board only between the referee’s announcement to stop play for the review and his communication of the review’s outcome.

In previous years, the SEC had a standard one real-time replay policy for all plays in a game for all sports.

“The change in policy will allow our fans to see more of the action, including great plays and close calls,” said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. “Fans in the stadium now can see many of the same views of a play seen by fans watching on television. This should add to the overall game experience for fans inside our stadiums.”

Replays of touchdowns not stopped for official review can be shown following the point-after-touchdown attempts until the ensuing kickoff begins.

There are exceptions to the policy for game-highlight packages shown later in the contest.

The change in policy was approved by the SEC Athletics Directors in August following a recommendation prepared by the conference’s Working Group on Fan Experience. The Working Group is chaired by Mississippi State University Athletics Director Scott Stricklin.

Another policy change approved by the Athletics Directors and recommended by the Working Group, permits bands to be amplified when playing during designated times. Bands will not be allowed to play once the center takes his place over the football until the play is whistled dead. Previously, bands were not allowed to be amplified during the game and were not allowed to play once the offensive team broke the huddle.