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WEBSTER CO., Miss. – (WCBI) A recent cold snap is affecting some crops planted by area farmers this spring.

Webster County farmer Billy Tabb planted 75 acres of corn in mid March, and from the looks of this field, Tabb may have to repeat that step.

“Normally by this time we’re through planting corn. You know, we’re moving into cotton and peanuts, or at least preparing for that. Corn is normally planted end of February through March. You know we have a stand of corn, now we’re ready to fertilize it,” said Tabb.

“What is in the ground is struggling to come up. We think its going to come up, but it is kind of hit or miss,” added Tabb.

Prime conditions for the corn crop includes having soil temperatures around 60. While Tabb may be forced to replant his corn, he says his wheat plants are beginning to improve.

“Like I say the wheat here should be normally waist high and its short of the normal because of the rain kept the ground saturated and the cool nights it just hasn’t been growing,” said Tabb.

Mother nature often throws farmers a curve.

“Its just been crazy the last couple of years. As we were just saying earlier, use to be Good Friday was the laymen’s term to start planting but now its, its hit or miss. You never know. We Just out here just trying to make it happen now,” said Tabb.

Tabb who also plants cotton and peanuts on his Webster County farm, is just keeping his figures cross for right now.


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