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FAYETTE COUNTY, Ala. (WCBI)-It’s been ten years since a triple homicide in Fayette County, Alabama rocked the nation. Now it will be brought to national attention again by Investigative Discovery in an hour-long episode of the cable series, ” Fatal Encounters” titled ” Game Over.” On June 7, 2003 the then 18 year-old Devin Moore was arrested on suspicion of driving a stolen car. While he was being processed he grabbed Officer Arnold Strickland’s gun and shot him twice then shot and killed Officer James Crump and dispatcher Leslie Mealer.

He then stole a police cruiser and escaped to Mississippi where he was later captured. Moore, who also goes by Devin Thompson was captured saying, ” Life is a video game. Everybody’s got to die sometime.’ He was found guilty of capital murder in August 2005. The now, 28 year-old is currently on death row at Holman Correctional in Atmore. He is appealing his sentence. Promotional material for the episode refers to the hours Moore spent playing ‘ Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.” The episode will air 8 P.M. central time Thursday.


Channel Listings: http://investigation.discovery.com/channel-finder.htm


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