FBI raid in Louisville leaves more questions than answers

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – An early morning FBI raid in Louisville rattled a quiet neighborhood.

Witnesses reported seeing Louisville Police, the FBI, and a van identified as a bomb squad.

Sources told WCBI this is part of an FBI task force operation.

The reason for the raid is still unknown.

The FBI has confirmed that one person was taken into custody. The name of the suspect is not available on the official record. And we haven’t seen the search warrant.

At one home, a door was detached from its hinges and propped up on the front-facing side of the house.

Witnesses told WCBI the raid happened at that house. But the people who live in the neighborhood asked us not to show where they live. It was emotional. The people who lived there were emotional. Those same people didn’t even want the cars parked in the street to be taped.

Louisville Police directed all questions to the FBI.

WCBI reached out to the FBI for more information.

FBI Public Affairs spokesperson, Marshay Lawson released the following statement:

“The FBI was conducting a court-authorized law enforcement activity. To preserve the integrity and capabilities of the investigation, I cannot share details as this is an ongoing investigation. However, I can reassure your viewers that there is no information to suggest a public safety threat to the community.”

Lawson is the only person authorized to speak.

We will keep viewers updated as the story develops.

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