Fight erupts in the back of Columbus school bus that ends with eighth grade girl getting dragged out by her hair

Three students were arrested and suspended from school

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Monday, a fight broke out in the back of a Columbus school bus that ended with a girl being dragged out by her hair and three students being arrested.

An Instagram video shows the fight that erupted on the bus as it drove down Bluecutt Road to bring students home from class. Jessica Mccaa says her eighth-grade daughter Franchesca is the one who was pulled from the bus by her hair.

“They dragged her off the bus like she wasn’t nothing,” Mccaa says. “Literally trying to harm her.”

Columbus Middle School Principal Kimberly Gardner says she arrived right after the fight broke up.

“My heart was broken to see my students or any students involved in such a vicious act on the school bus,” she says. “We did handle things though according to our policies and procedures.”

Columbus Police respond to the scene and arrested three of the students (including Franchesca) involved in the fight. All three were released to their parents and suspended from Columbus Middle School for five days.

“I was told that they were planning to jump on my daughter,” Mccaa says. “I was told that they were plotting up to jump her. That’s why they ended up in the backseat of the bus.”

However, the mother of the seventh-grade girl seen on the video fighting Franchesca, (who did not wish to be identified) says the group was actually there to attack her daughter.

“My daughter is the victim,” she says. “From other students that rode the bus, I had been told that my daughter didn’t say anything to the girl that morning, that evening. The girl (Franchesca) was still picking at my daughter.”

Principal Gardner says this was a community altercation that bled over into the school. She says the investigation into the fight is ongoing.

“When I tried to go to the different parents to see what was going on, I got a bunch of lies from both sides,” the other girl’s mother said, in reference to other incidents like the bus fight. “These are young children, young girls and they are taking everything out of proportion.”

Mccaa told WCBI that she will be withdrawing her daughter from Columbus Middle School permanently. The mother of the seventh grader says that her daughter will no longer be taking the bus to school.

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