Firefighters give safety tips for burn piles

An early fall weekend is the time some homeowners pick to deal with burn piles.


OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- There’s a burn ban in effect for the city of Starkville.

But the ban does not extend to Oktibbeha County..

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Still county firefighters want residents to be careful when burning.

An early fall weekend is the time some homeowners pick to deal with burn piles.

East Oktibbeha County Fire Services Coordinator Kirk Rosenhan gives advice to residents to stay safe.

” Any sort of fire on the outside area can catch up vegetation, woods, impinge on a nearby building, whether that be a house, barn, or car. It can be a dangerous thing, not only from a property stand point but from people, ” said Rosenhan.

He has dealt with a number of grass fires that have gotten out of hand-some because people are burning toxic materials.

Rosenhan says those who burn plastic, rubber, or trash in the county can be charged with public nuisance.

” The DEQ has been up here several times where people were burning large amounts of trash that put out a-lot of smoke and noxious fumes, and had a-lot of residue,” said Rosenhan.

Even the smallest grass fires can bring in a-lot of heat.

Rosenhan encourages people to check the grounds around the burn piles,stay alert and always have water on hand.

” We got some areas that haven’t been cleaned up in a while and it can be a real problem. We always wants people to be careful with outside burning and don’t do it on a windy day and not near a building, and always have that fire attended,” said Rosenhan.

He says there are no clear indications if Oktibbeha County will follow with a burn ban.