Firefighters go missing off Florida coast during fishing trip

Rescued baby dugong dies of shock with a stomach full of plastic

“Her death will remind Thais and people all over the world not to dispose trash into the oceans,” a Natural Resources and Environment Minister said

Aug 17


NASA picks Alabama space center for moon lander program

The lander is a critical element in NASA’s plans to return astronauts to the moon in 2024

Aug 16

Western Greenland Hit By Unseasonably Warm Weather

Varnish and rubber found in Arctic snow, according to study

The study postulated that the pollutants were potentially carried via air

Aug 15

Western Greenland Hit By Unseasonably Warm Weather

July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth

On the last day of the month alone, 11 billion tons of ice melted across Greenland — contributing to record low sea ice levels

Aug 15


Nature up close: Theodore Roosevelt, the conservation president

The conservation movement in the U.S. dramatically advanced under the 26th president’s watch, as he established 5 national parks, created the National Wildlife Refuge System and U.S. Forest Service, and oversaw the protection of 230,000,000 acres

Aug 15

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