First responders assist the community during Independence day

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) -During independence day, first responders are on the frontlines helping the community.

“We don’t, say, want any praise. We just, this is our job. We signed up for it,” Fireman Seth White said.

Across the country, thousands of first responders were on duty for the Fourth of July. Here, at the West Point Fire Department Station 1, firemen said it’s their job to protect citizens and assist their community.

“Hopefully we don’t go any calls but sometimes we do. People out shooting fireworks out where they aren’t suppose to be,” White said.

Samuel Harrell has worked with the department for 3 years. He said when call volume is low, the station crew comes together to make the most of the holiday.

“We’ll have some friends come up here and grill out and visit and we have a good time up here. You know, it’s a good group of guys up here so we enjoy it,” Harrell said.

“We’re lucky because like I said, we have a family here with us and so there’s a lot of other occupations that get overlooked. People are out working all day on the fourth and other holidays. And, nurses and people in the hospitals, they get overlooked, in my opinion sometimes. There’s people working all the time,” White added.

And to them, it’s a blessing. While completing a 24-hour shift, family and friends stopped by to thank them for their service.

“It’s not about getting stuck. You know, we’re rolling schedule. A, B, and C shift. We’re B shift and we’re working today,” Harrell said.

“I appreciate all the things people do for us. Especially, on days like today when they, they bring us food up here, and celebrate us in all kinds of different ways,” White said.

We continue to thank all who serve on the front lines for their service.

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