Flag vote resolution now in hands of Mississippi Senate


JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI)- The Mississippi House of Representatives votes to suspend rules, paving the way for a vote on removing the state flag. It’s a multi-step process.

Around 1:45 Saturday afternoon, the House voted 85 to 34 to pass the resolution suspending the rules. The resolution will now go to the Senate where it’ll have to pass by a two-thirds vote at which time a bill to remove that state flag can be presented, allowing for debate and a final vote.

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The House will reconvene at 2 p.m. Sunday.

Mississippi has only had two official state flags.

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History says what is known as the “Magnolia Flag” was adopted in 1861 by the legislature after it seceded from the Union.

Just before that time the Bonnie Blue Flag appeared in Mississippi and was the unofficial emblem. However, it was never formally adopted.

The Magnolia Flag does have the Bonnie Blue in the upper left-hand corner.

After the Civil War, the flag was repealed and taken down. It was not until 1894 that the most recent flag was adopted by the legislature.

That controversial flag has flown over the state ever since.