Former police officer wants kids going back to school to connect with law enforcement

SHANNON, Miss. (WCBI) –A former law enforcement officer wants kids that are going back to school to see a different side of the badge.

One by one, volunteers handed out backpacks and school supplies, hoping to send a lesson these kids will carry with them for a lifetime.

“Through giving away book bags and having law enforcement interacting with the kids it sees them at a different level,” said Jermandy Jackson, a former police officer. “A place where they aren’t writing tickets, a time where they aren’t taking anyone to jail, but are actually giving to them.”

“We don’t want kids to be afraid of the police. So we are just trying to interact with them as much as we can,” said Desiree Kershner, the Shannon Police Chief. “So what Jermandy is doing is a really good opportunity to help the community and help some kids.”

Jackson hopes this event will make a positive impact on Shannon and change how theses kids view cops.

“Again, so much going on in the community is negative so they have a negative idea about law enforcement, no respect for law enforcement, and that barrier must come down,” said Jackson. “Things like this help with the tension problems.”

Valerie Fields is proud of her nephew for helping families that aren’t able to get school supplies

“So what he did is when they at least go back to school, they will have something to start with and toe excite them and to pump them up about going back to school,” said Fields.

Jackson believes there is a way for residents and law enforcement to work together. He hopes this lesson will stick on the streets and in the classroom.

“And part of law enforcement, the first thing is serving and protecting,’ said Jackson. “So at this moment we are serving and protecting.”

Each backpack included pencils, paper, a bottle of water, and a special card from Jermandy saying to keep your head up, pay attention, and stay focused in school.

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