Former SEC football player trains area athletes for the next level

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI ) – A former West Point football player is taking his knowledge and skills of the game to aspiring athletes around the area.

After high school, Scott Lashley continued his athletic career at the University of Alabama and then eventually at Mississippi State.

Now a strength training coach for the bulldogs, he uses his spare time to return to where he grew up, preparing athletes who are looking to go to the next level.

All-American quarterback Trey Petty has one goal in mind and is training with Lashley to get there.

“I want to go all the way,” Petty.

That is the plan for almost all of the athletes who train with Scott Lashley.

Specializing in offensive line work, strength conditioning, and speed agility Lashley is taking what he learned in the SEC and teaching it to the next generation.

The most important aspect is their mental ability.

“A lot of these athletes are gifted. A lot of them are big, a lot of them are strong, but a lot of the time we are trying to figure out a way to harness a lot of that. Primarily, the guys who are here as of now, have definitely come strides just with their attention to detail. Their consistency, their work ethic, and just their mental resiliency,” Lashley.

Taccofah Lewis is a 3-star offensive lineman.

Living almost two hours away, he is committed to learning more about himself and the game,

And what it takes to become the best.

“My steps have to be better in the zone, down block and pass position. I want to play college ball. I just want to be better. If I do something I want to be the best to do it,” Lewis.

One of the most important parts of training these young men is being an example.

Lashley said that it all starts with his actions.

“You can tell them a lot of stuff but they really look at your actions… They watch how I carry myself. I don’t do a lot of things that they may see as kind of the fad for now. Therefore, I keep it at a level where we can understand. I’m not trying to go above your head, I am not trying to overtalk you or things of that nature. We are basically on an even playing field,” said Lashley.

Kobe Willams is an All- American Offensive tackle for Amory High School.

He has worked with Lashley on several occasions and said that his training coach reminds them that consistency is key.

“He’s always telling me to trust the process and stay consistent you know. The more I come down here the more I see myself getting better.. training-wise and helping me to become more athletic and stronger, ” said Williams.

While Lashley can crank up the volume if needed, he said he keeps calm and collected attitude during his training sessions. He said the athletes who choose to come to him are serious and he wants to grow their attitudes and athletic abilities.

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