Fraternity group teaches children life skills

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Life skills are important for everyone to have. This is why the Life Skills Academy organizer Eddie Myles said an event like this, was much needed for young men.

“What they learn here, they learn what to avoid. Like with the CPR, if they are learning it now, they might be able to save someone,” said Myles. “They might be at a concert or something and see someone go down, and then they will be able to help that individual. This also gives them something to teach their kids when they get older.”

Keith Lawrence spoke to groups about community service.

“In my first group, I had a young man that actually just graduated from Starkville High School,” said Lawrence. “He applied to EMCC, and he did not have any idea of what he wanted to major in. I was telling him about different community events that he could do, and different trades.”

Patrick Lockett advised the groups about building a resume, and how to dress for a job interview. He says he knows just how important those tips can be to someone.

“We were talking to the children about the art of interviewing and dressing for success,” said Lockett. “So that they can be successful in the interviewing process, and be successful in securing a job.”

Louisville Police Officer Nick Shumaker said teaching the future generation how to act when being pulled over by law enforcement, was a draw for him.

“It is better to know how to act, and interact with them to possibly calm down a situation that could erupt,” said Shumaker. “It is better to keep calm because a cooler head does prevail, so once you know how to interact and what a police officer is looking for, then it is easier to deal with them.”

Jaden Potlow attended the academy. He says the academy taught him a lot of valuable things, that will benefit him in the future.

“I learned how to characterize myself and present myself,” said Potlow. “I also learned how to approach and go about being stopped by the police.”

Each child that came out to the academy also received lunch and a free t-shirt, and the academy was for males ages 10-18.

The Life Skills Academy organizer Eddie Myles said the academy has been going on for over ten years.

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