Gas prices are on a steady rise in our area

Gas is over three dollars a gallon in all of the surrounding cities and expected to go even higher

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Drivers have probably seen it, and felt it. The price of gas is steadily going up. Gas is over three dollars a gallon in all of the surrounding cities and expected to go even higher.

Rising gas prices are nothing new, but even the experts weren’t expecting to see them go up this quickly.

“Two or three cents up or down five or six cents isn’t out of the norm, but actually today we’ve got a 20 cent price increase,” said president of Fair Company in Louisville Johnny Fair.

Fair said that 20 cent increase typically only happens once or twice a year, but with the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, they have had major increases three times in the last week. Historically, the Magnolia state has pretty cheap gas prices even though it may not look like it at this point and time.

“Pick up fuel tomorrow and take it to our stores or take it to other stores and other customers; obviously they’re going to have to increase their price on the street so you know as these prices come in it usually takes a little bit of time but it wont be very long before you see today’s price increase affect the price on the street,” said Fair.

With all that extra money going in the tank, people have less to spend on other things.

“Every time we go fill up with gas it’s an extra 20, 30, 40 dollars out of our pocket and I know for our business that’s extra money our customers can’t spend inside our stores and customers just can’t spend on everyday life,” said Fair.

Fair said he doesn’t know when the price will stop rising, but encourages people to fill up sooner rather than later.

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