VIDEO: Gifted Teachers Conference At The W

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COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI)–On the campus of The W in Columbus, teachers are being taught themselves by a professional instructor, the art of educating gifted students in their class rooms.

When it comes to teaching the intellectually gifted, these educators attending this year’s conference know very well the tough job they have. Thats why there are hopes of taking with them sharp academic tools they’ll surely need.

“They have children who are well above their age peers in terms of their thinking skills and some of their interests are beyond what their age peers are. So these teachers have a challenge to make sure that they are challenging their kids,” said Patti Wood/Gifted Instructor.

“Problem solving, most of our kids they would prefer the difficult and complex and would choose that over the easy task any day,” said Dawn Dawkins/Gifted Teacher.

The advice given to those educators, should help in maximizing the potential of their students.

“Gifted children can learn anything you put in front of them really. Its whats going on in their head and in their hearts. And these gifted specialists here understand that and can meet their childrens needs in that aspect as well,” said Patti Wood.

With one of the creative approaches, books are incorporated by the teacher and viewed by students using a different lens.

“Instead of it just being the lens of what is the story. What is the author really intending here. And could I be an author and write a story like this. So its taking them beyond just a consumer as a reader, to a producer and a writer,” said Patti Wood.

“Our lessons and our activities are designed to promote critical thinking and communication and collaboration,” said Dawn Dawkins.

Another aspect of the conference was a speed teaching lunch session component, where participants shared their favorite instructional activity, resource, or technology tool.

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