Giving back to war heroes

WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A group of veterans got a taste of Mississippi hospitality and Winston County hunting on Tuesday.

Wounded War Heroes helps veterans heal by getting them back to nature.

Bringing veterans together and helping them enjoy the outdoors.

That’s the mission of Louisian-based Wounded War Heroes.

The organization hosts over 100 events throughout the year.

This week’s hunting trip in Winston County was donated by a local resident and his good friend, Todd Ronquillo.

“They paid for these guys hunting licenses. They pay for their gas to get up here. If they kill a big buck, they pay to get it mounted for them. I mean, the Wounded War Heroes takes care of these guys and it’s just a great organization of what they got here.”

The outdoor adventures include deer hunting trips, mountain lion hunts, and Alaska fishing trips.

The group services over 200 vets across the country and gives them a chance to share experiences.

“Civilians don’t see, you know, what we have been through or what we go through, so when we get together and get to be able to talk to each other, it’s great. Then, even though, say we go on a deer hunt like this, even if we don’t shoot a deer, just bonding with everybody is great and just being out in the outdoors has been awesome,” says Anthony Cuccia.

Executive Board member Terry Ronquillo said putting veterans outdoors helps with their healing and is their way of giving back to them for their service to the country.

“The thing that tugs at my heart the most, and I get a little emotional, is my baby is thirty years old and I see kids younger than her that will never have a normal life again, so I want to try to help them make it as normal as they can, to get back into society and just function as a normal person again.”

Two-time Purple Heart recipient and Wounded War Heroes Vice Chairman, Mike Chesne, has been a part of the group from the start.

“Every time we get a new Veteran in, to see the change that comes over them just by spending a few days with them, they’re real quiet when they first come in and they’re a little reserved and then they realize that nobody is asking them for anything. All we want them to do is come and sit and talk and before it’s over with, they’re hugging everybody’s back and shaking hands and they’ve made lifelong friends.”

The organization is funded by private donations with 96% of the money raised going to the veterans.

This vet said being a part of the organization allows him to do things he wouldn’t have the opportunity to do otherwise.

“Whenever you look at other groups and how they disburse their contributions, it’s lopsided, where as with this, they can show almost 100% where everything that goes to them has gone back to us and it makes it easy to be part of something like this,” said Chad Honeycutt.

If you would like to donate to the organization click here. 

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