Golden Triangle businesses expecting game day traffic


GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – This weekend the city of Starkville is jam-packed with football fans and music lovers.

Not only is it the first SEC home game for the Bulldogs, but it’s also Bulldog Bash.

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That’s causing some fans to spread the wealth across the Golden Triangle to West Point and Columbus.

“We love home games in Starkville because they do come down this way. Usually we, they sell out in Starkville first, and then they come here and then they’ll spread out a little bit further once we sell out. So usually for all the home games, we were sold out just like Starkville,” said Wayne Cothran.

“Well, this is a happy medium place for everybody. They love to come in and get a quick good home-cooked meal. They gather with their friends and family before or sometimes after a great game,” said Margo Morgan.

Restaurants and hotels keep a close eye on area events and plan accordingly.

“We prepare ahead of time for that because we keep up with the local events and the schedules. And of course we have more waitresses, more cooks, and we just we just supply more too, so we’ll have what’s in demand,” said Morgan.

“Well, it takes a little bit of preparation as far as like making sure we’ve got enough food at breakfast, make sure we’re fully staffed at the desk, we have enough housekeepers and kind of get the team all ramped up. Today we’re having a tailgate party. That’s why I’m wearing a referee shirt. We are having a tailgate party for the employees to kind of get them all pumped up for the for the game and for the Bulldog weekend,” said Cothran.

And while non-conference games bring in the crowds, SEC games are the real moneymakers for everybody.

“the SEC games, usually we sell out pretty quick. The nonconference games, it’s just, you know, we’ll sell out. But it may take us till the week over the week before. I mean, we’re already sold out for tonight almost sold out tomorrow night,” said Cothran.

Cothran said game time can also affect their business. Most prefer a mid-afternoon start.