Golden Triangle Homeless Coalition works to get housing for homeless

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Last week, the City of Columbus granted two acres of land to the Golden Triangle Homeless Coalition.

The property will be home to a development of tiny homes that will shelter area homeless people.

Now, that group is working to find the right people to get the land ready and build the houses.

If you fight hard enough for something, sometimes you come out with a win.

Now, the Golden Triangle Homeless Coalition’s dream of housing the area’s homeless is one step closer to coming true.

Last week, The Columbus City Council approved signing over two acres of city-owned property to the Golden Triangle Homeless Coalition.

The Coalition plans to use that land to build 10 tiny houses, dwellings that are around 160 to 170 square feet, to give people a place to stay while they get back on their feet.

The group’s president, Susan Garton, said after last week’s decision she hasn’t been able to stop talking about the plans.

“We are so thrilled with this piece of property. It is beautiful and it is pretty much set up for us and we will have to go up before the building commission and make sure everything is within code and we will have to build up the land about a foot and a half with dirt to make sure there’s no flooding but everything is A-ok smooth sailing,” said Garton.

Now, what’s next?

“Now that we have the land granted to us we have to go before the planning committee and they are going to approve the infrastructure. They are going to approve the houses. Everything about it they are going to go through everything we have with a fine tooth comb and tell us everything we need to modify or if things are ok,” said Garton.

Once they get the thumbs up then they can start building the tiny homes.

People will be able to stay in those homes for up to six months for free.

“Completely rent-free completely utility free. We will take care of everything. We want you to take that time to get employment or if you do have an income we want you to take that time and save money as much as you possibly can,” said Garton.

Garton said full-time security will be on the property and an emergency storm shelter is planned to be put in place after everything is totally finished.

Garton says they plan to have at least two houses built and ready to go by 2024.

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