Golden Triangle Regional Airport is a smaller airport with a bigger vision

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – While airports around the US are struggling to meet the demand of travelers, a north Mississippi airport is expanding its wings.

The Golden Triangle Regional Airport is a smaller airport with a bigger vision for the future by expanding its terminal.

“We are going to add over 2,500 square feet to the second floor. We are going to add a jet bridge which is going to be great because it is one of those amenities that kind of help during weather bad weather events like if you have rain or it’s hot outside, it just creates that comfort level is going in and off the airplane,” said GTRA Executive Director Matt Dowell.

He said the $12 million project has been talked about for years; however, the airport’s growth depends on its community.

“We don’t create the business traveler. We don’t create the leisure traveler; it’s the communities’ growth because of business because of economic development, and we are really there to support that, and that’s how we are able to grow,” said Dowell.

Dowell said thanks to the help of the Aluminum plant that’s on the way and economic growth around the area, GTRA will get a much need facelift.

“So all this glass and these walls are going to be pushed further out and connected to allow a larger waiting area and larger clear story on this side, and we will have a jet bridge on this side of the second story.”

And now that the holiday rush is over and summer plans are beginning, Dowell wanted travelers to keep local airports in mind.

“GTRA is a great place to start your travel; it is a small airport, so we have close parking we have short security lines. There are a lot of advantages to starting your trip at a small community in the GTRA.”

Dowell said that GTRA expansion will take off in the Spring.

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