Golden Triangle Waste Services rolls out six new trucks

Golden Triangle Waste Services rolls out six new trucks

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The Golden Triangle Waste Services is rolling out six new sets of wheels.

The company ordered the fleet of trucks back in 2022 and now two years later is receiving its orders.

The addition of the six new trucks will have the parking lot full with a total of 16 trucks for the company.

These will replace the older trucks on the lot.

General Manager Mary Ann Gilliand said each truck cost a total of $276,000.

Pre-COVID, the cost was about $186,000 and just last year the trucks were $234,000.

The cost of fuel, parts, and maintenance is why customers saw an increase in their garbage bills in September.

Gilliand said when it came to garbage vehicles, many would start to see problems after about three years of use. So, it is vital to have working trucks for daily operations.

Golden Triangle Waste Services has over 50,000 customers across three counties not including commercial pickup.

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